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As Requested, Spinach Soup

9 Feb

I feel I should preface this by saying that my first few years of actual culinary training took place in the 18th century.  So my recipe creation skills lean more towards lists of ingredients and more away from exactness.  The good news is that I’m getting better at paying attention to how I make things, since Dan actually would like repeats of the same meals occasionally.  And I didn’t set my petticoat on fire making this (hopefully you won’t, either).

Since I happen to know a group of fantastic ladies who are hosting a Soup Swap at the end of this month, I’ll give the recipe in the large quantity I made.

Creamy Spinach and Mushroom Soup (because Costco’s having a sale!).

2 pounds fresh spinach
1 pound yellow onions
1 pound mushrooms
Veggie or chicken stock (about a quart, or enough)
Whole milk or cream (about a pint, or enough)
4 Tbsp butter
Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Allspice to taste
Dash of cream sherry if desired

Brown butter in stock pot. Add chopped onions and cook until they go glassy. Add chopped mushrooms and saute all together until the mushrooms have that great deep brown color and everything is starting to caramelize. Add the spinach (you may have to do this in several batches — it is a surprisingly huge pile) and stir around to let wilt. Now add enough stock to just reach the top of the veggies. You can add any seasoning at this point as well, since you are almost done. Let simmer until spinach is good and cooked, then begin adding milk. If you have a stick or immersion blender, this is a great opportunity to show it off. Whip that bad boy out and begin blending, adding milk as necessary to keep the soup fluid enough to actually blend. This can be an impressive feat of dual-action soupery, if someone happens to be watching. Or, as the alien blood splatter on the side of our otherwise shiny new fridge might testify, it is not the best task for the easily distracted or those with toddlers who like to pull cords. Taste. Adjust. Voila. Soup.

Dan thought this had a slightly bitter taste, but enjoyed it.  Spinach will taste a little like the often loathed veggie it is, so if you want to sweeten the pot (that was so intended), you can add a tablespoon of honey or a little brown sugar.

Note: If using fresh garlic, add in with the mushrooms.