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Answers from Mr. Lu

31 Jan

The other night I couldn’t face the kitchen – the mess, the planning, the cooking, the cleanup – so Mr. Lu’s it was. A quart of Veggie Lo Mein, an order of Veggie Egg Foo Young and a few Crab Rangoons later, we made it to the fortune cookies. Mr. Lu always gives extra, so I had two fortunes (lucky me) and I couldn’t have asked for better fortunes.

Fortunate fortunes

I DO appreciate the caring people who surround me, although I may not call or write or visit as often as I would like.  And I really miss some of you terribly.  And the surprise, well, who doesn’t love surprises?  Maybe the surprise will be a card or a thoughtful phone call, or Kickstarter funding…They’re all great options.  If you don’t know about the Kickstarter project, click the link to the right and check it out.  As my husband says, I just need 5,000 people to pledge a dollar apiece.  That shouldn’t be too hard, right?  Tell your friends!

This also brings me to something I have been pondering.   Endless hours of weeding strawberries and stripping trellising off t-posts gives you lots of time to think.  Often I hear people speak of curmudgeonly farmers and imply that if farmers wanted to work with other people they would be in a different business.  It’s true that there can be a lot of isolation on a farm, but I have to say the farmers, gardeners and horticulturists I have worked with have been some of the kindest, most open and most generous people I have known.  When you are invited to a farm, usually you are invited to a home.  That seems like such an extension of trust.  You are being invited to a place where people live AND work, where almost all of the day to day things happen, and that seems so intimate.  But that’s not all.  Farmers share work, ideas, struggles, successes and seeds (physical and metaphysical).  It seems like the exact opposite of the grumpus farmer, alone except for a scarecrow and happier for it.  I’m sure those people are out there, but I guess they haven’t had me out for a visit…

And now that I have rambled on, I planted English peas and snow peas on my new trellis.  I’ll be sure to write about it when they are up.