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Everything starts with a seed

25 Jan

I have carefully outlined my planting calendar for the spring and summer growing seasons, detailing when to start what in flats, when to direct seed, and when to transplant into the garden. This past weekend I began planting things in flats, so I guess the 2012 garden season has officially begun!

The task for the week was green onions, cauliflower and Alpine strawberries. I started 72 cells of onions, White Lisbon and He Shi Ko, 72 cells of cauliflower, Purple of Sicily, and 50 cells each of 4 different varieties of Alpine strawberries. They are all neatly tucked away in my cellar grow space under bright lights and close to the leaky furnace. It’s actually warmer in the cellar than in the rest of the house during winter. Not really useful for root cellaring, but I’ll figure out another solution for that.

This week I get to start seeds for storage onions, but more on that later.